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MathApp is a simple no frills app which allows young kids to practice their math skills right on a smart phone or tablet with the touch of their fingertips.  The app is designed to allow kids or anybody to work out basic arithmetic problems on the screen as if working on a whiteboard.  The goal is to encourage kids to practice "working out" problems and showing work.  

The app features addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems.  The app can be set to present single or double digit problems.

MathApp features the following:

  • Create Student account(s) to track history/progress of individual students.  
  • Custom settings can be saved for each student account.
  • Practice mode - Practice as many problems as you like and no record of it is stored.  You can redo problems and change the types of problems to present as you go.
  • Quiz - Take a quiz and see how well you do. If logged in with a student account then the quizzes are stored at the completion of the quiz. 
  • Ability to review and retake previously saved quizzes.
  • Optional mode to enter answers by handwriting recognition or use of a keypad if easier.
  • Option to hide or show answer boxes on the screen to make the problems harder or easier.  
  • Tracks progress with break down of problems taken in quizzes by level and type.
  • Set the types of problems to present and number of problems in a quiz.



You can enter answers via handwriting recognition or a keypad:


Results screen after each quiz:

Progress report gives a snapshot of how the student is doing:

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