Scribble Pad

Current Version:


Latest Updates:

  • Added ability to re-size portrait and landscape widgets
  • Added ability to add widgets to lock screen
  • Added setting to enable/disable the load previous opened note at start up feature
  • Added setting to enable/disable auto save of currently opened note when exiting the app feature



Install from Android Market


Scribble Pad app allows you to quickly jot down notes, numbers, sketches, or whatever you feel like drawing simply by tracing your finger over the screen. Need to quickly jot down a phone number or notes?  Leave a reminder on your phone?  Write a price or part number of something you saw at the store? Or if you feel like just doodling on your phone, then the Scribble Pad might be for you.

This app is simple to use and fairly intuitive.  It provides the following functionality:

  • Create simple one page notes or even multi-page notes.
  • Ability to add widgets of notes on your home screen.
  • Save notes for access in the future.  Easily access saved notes via thumbnails.
  • Change thickness of the strokes (Thin, Medium, Thick)
  • Easily select different colors
  • Supports both portrait or landscape mode
  • Simple convenient on screen buttons and menu items to help you manage and maintain your notes
  • Notes can be stored on external (if available) or internal storage
  • Share notes via other apps such as email, text, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


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