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I'm sure some of us have been in this situation:

Driving home on a long trip or after a long exhausting day at work. Or driving home after a long late night shift.  We are tired and drowsy but can't or refuse to stop because we really think we can make it home.  For some of us we feel there is no choice so we stubbornly keep driving.  I know I have been in this situation before and after one of these incidents I came up with a simple idea:

The Stay Alert App

The Stay Alert app is a simple driving aid app for tired/drowsy drivers.

It simply works as a countdown which needs to be reset by the driver either by clicking on a button or speaking a command word such as "Reset"  If the driver fails to reset the countdown in time an alarm goes off for approximately four seconds.  After that, the app automatically resets and starts the countdown again.

The app features the following:

  • Configurable countdown value (You can set the countdown to go for as long as an hour to 10 seconds)
  • Voice input to reset the countdown for hands free use while driving
  • Voice feedback to alert driver when countdown was stopped, reset, or restarted by the driver.
  • Big display of text and buttons to easier see while driving.
  • Copy to SD card capable to conserve phone storage space
  • Configurable to either use a tone or a voice as the alarm.
  • Volume controls to set the volume of the alarm.  (It is recommended to keep this at the highest settings)
  • Two warning alarms to alert the driver when the countdown is almost finished - no need to look at the screen while driving.
  • Can be applied for other situations other than drowsy driving


Do I think this app will help people?  I'm not sure but I offer it for free in the event somebody finds it helpful.  Like all my other apps, I welcome feedback from users positive or negative.  I'm always looking for ways to improve.

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